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Hello, this is a while since I didn't update this page. I'm writting the new Open Biblio version... maybe 3 ? ;-).
I'd thanks all the people that sent me emails and traductions.
The rodmap of the new version is available on the TODO page.

OpenBiblio is a program to manage a scool library (or even personnal). This tool allows you to follow the loan of the books and other statistics.

OpenBiblio is a Web application written in PHP. Apache 2 webserver, PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 are working perfectly with OpenBiblio. If you want to use it with other versions or other servers, do not hesitate to contact me for help. You can let messages on the forum located on sourceforge.

If you use OpenBiblio, send me a small mail (lefred at tiscali dot be) so I could have an idea of the use of my program, thanks ;-)


2005-APR-05 : New realease available : 2.1.0
              Add of italian language (done by Marco).
2005-FEV-24 : A new version was released fixing some bugs with locale
	      and installation (thanks to vanne and sdog for their feedback).
	      PHP5 is needed to use the SOAP functionalities. (2.0.4)
2005-FEV-04 : Again a new version (2.0.3), this one corrects a small 
              bug in the searh module and sees the add of a new feature 
	      (see screenshot 7).
	      To have such graphs you need to install jpgraph.
2005-FEV-03 : The new version 2.0.2 corrects some bugs in the display of
	      covers and includes a complete new function to handle ISBN's
2005-FEV-03 : Version 2.0.1 corrects the .pot translation file and
	      includes a full english translation (this one can be 
	      improved ;-)
2004-FEV-02 : OpenBIBLIO 2.0 is available for download !!
	      Send me comments and a mail if you use it, I would like
	      to make an overview where OpenBIBLIO is used. Enjoy it.
2004-FEV-01 : A new version is now mostly finished and will be very soon
	      avaiable for download.
	      The new version supports PHP5, SOAP and multi-languages.
	      Pictures of readers and covers are now available.
2004-FEV-02 : I'm working back on openBIBLIO, a new release will be available
              soon. (I'm working on migration to new PHP standards first and
	      then on new requested features)
2002-APR-25 : New release of openBIBLIO which fixes a lot of bugs
2002-APR-22 : New release of openBIBLIO (with new fields for books 
	      as requested by Stéphanie Boucher from Ecole Turgo - Lille, France)
2002-MAR-06 : CVS tree is available 
2002-MAR-06 : This webpage is online
2002-FEB-14 : Creation of the project

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